The Aureus Original

Serious Chiefs down for war! Must be TH 10/11 to ride.

Crazy Star Hunters!

Non-rushed TH9's & above. LUNAtics hang out here.

Lunatic Proving Grounds

Home to TH9's & below with a thirst for progress.

Where Legends are Born

Home to the Aureus Family push & feeder for Galaxia.

If you're interested in joining any Clash Royale clan, please request an invitation in game!

Aureus Royale

We were the first Aureus clan created for CR.
Requirements are: 10 minimum contribution to clan chest, 3000 trophies and above.

Aureus Galaxia

We are the more relaxed CR Aureus clan.
Requirements: 50 points minimum for Clan Chest events, (we always get the maxed prizes!) We use Discord chat!

Aureus Luna

We are undergoing reconstruction!

I'd like to thank you for checking out our website! We're a family with a lot of history and we intend to have a lot of success in the future too! We hosted a family push in past years and became the #66 globally ranked clan! If you would like any extra information about any of the clans feel free to leave a reply to our recruitment thread on SC forum and ask. I hope I've managed to entice you into joining one of our brilliant clans and I hope to see you soon, whether it's in Galaxia or a family war.
Matt MercerFounder of the Aureus Family of Clans