Aureus: Latin for "Golden"

Our family was formed by a small group of players tired of the immaturity, drama and inactivity commonly found in other clans. Aureus Galaxia, the first created clan, was made on the 15th November 2013.

As a result of the tremendous work and community involvement by our leaders, we have grown quickly and now comprise a family consisting of 2 primary clans (Galaxia, Luna), and two feeder clans (Stella, Eligere). Our primary clans are active around the clock and requests are filled quickly and accurately, what you ask for is what you get. Our members range in age from mature teens to adults, and we have a zero tolerance policy toward both drama and immaturity.

Official Aureus Family Clans

Aureus Galaxia (Clan Tag: #9Y882VVY)

Aureus Galaxia was the first created clan in the family.

We do occasional pushes which are compulsory, and war twice a week. We war three times per week with a day off on Sunday.

Galaxia is loved by its long term members, they love the mix of serious yet relaxed atmosphere. We are serious about war and everyone helps each other out if they are stuck on how to attack their base. Donations are fast and only what you ask for. We enjoy trophy pushing and seeing what we can do together!

After joining, new recruits will begin their 14 day trial period. During this time their use of clan chat, donations, war performance, and attacks won (normal farming attacks) will be monitored. At the end of the trial the elders will review and decide whether they're a good fit for the clan. This is in place to ensure we keep bringing in active players to work alongside our long term members. Learn More about Aureus Galaxia.

Aureus Luna (Clan Tag: #2YUL2PCV)

Luna is a very social and tight-knit group, with a large core group of long time members. We are dedicated to helping each other out, be it in farm or war. Luna takes war seriously, and we pride ourselves on having perfect attendance. Donations can be filled in the blink of an eye, and we follow what's requested. Luna is home for us, and we happily "Lunatize" the lucky few who get a shot at a membership with us. Learn More about Aureus Luna.

Aureus Stella (Clan Tag: #8QVCJ089)

Aureus Stella is the Aureus Family's ONLY Fully Casual Clan. This means there are no requirements around war, farming or donates. In exchange for our lax requirements, all we ask is that our members participate in an active chat environment. While members are encouraged to participate and improve in wars, cheerleading is also greatly appreciated!

With a relaxed atmosphere focused on enjoying the fun of the game, Stella has become a destination for folks who appreciate in-game camaraderie and good times. Come hang with us! Learn More about Aureus Stella.

Aureus Eligere (Clan Tag: #YRURYLQ)

Aureus Eligere is a feeder clan for Galaxia and home to the family wide push. There are no wars! Learn More about Aureus Eligere.