Earning elder means earning the respect of your clan by being active, social, helpful and mature.

There's no secret to becoming Elder in any Aureus clan. All it takes is patience and a clear effort on your part to make your clan the best it can be. Help your fellow clan mates to meet their goals in game, and always be considerate of the mature, friendly atmosphere that all Aureus Family Clans embody.

Above all else, never ask to be promoted to elder! Our leaders are always on the lookout for excellent candidates, and will promote solid players from time to time.

Once you've become an Elder, you'll be expected to help with daily upkeep of the clan. Answer any questions that may arise, and try to be active in Discord/GroupMe and on our forum thread. KNOW YOUR CLAN'S RULES, AND THOSE OF THE FAMILY! Breaking the rules or being immature are two sure-fire ways to get demoted, kicked or banned.

Elders embody our family's ideals. Do your best to serve the greater good of your clan, and you are sure to be considered for this highly coveted role.